Preorders, Updates and Made to order-

As I am just one person working on my orders, the length of dispatch time may vary. For example, for made to order items I allow myself a 3 week minimum creation time. This is due to the high level of pairs i make at once as i create my order in batches. This period is not set in stone, it is a time frame for me to work around as certain times it may only take days to create or on the opposite side it may take up to three weeks if there is an external factor influencing this eg a certain colour clay ran out and needed be reordered or an issue with my supplier of clays package being lost on its way to me. In this case i will be updating people via my twitter or Instagram if these delays occur. 

 If you place an order and one of your items is a preorder, the entire order will be posted after the day that is stated on the preorder description. Preorders have a 3 week make time after this date.

 If you order an update item alongside a made to order item your order will begin the 3 week process time as I will then need to create that item. Ready made Update items themselves take a week to post as I always plan my Updates in such a way that allows them a weeks selling time before my postal run to allow as many to be claimed as possible. This does not apply to made to order launches.

Dispatch and delivery-

If an order is taking too long to arrive, please check your email for when/ if the shipping notification has been sent.

For UK: If it has been over 2 weeks since dispatch days and Royal Mail are not striking/ there haven’t been any holidays or bank holidays interruptions in this time period, please contact me and I will assist you.

For Worldwide: if it has reached 6 weeks since the dispatch date please contact me. Please allow up to 6 weeks before contacting me as shipping across the world can take a little time sometimes. Thank you 

Please be patient, I am only one person working on sometimes 60 orders at once. Please allow a period for creation and packing of your order as all of my regulars on my site are made to order whereas updates are already made which is why they take less time to ship. I do not offer tracked shipping from the UK unless you specifically purchase it in the tracked shipping section of my website as the tracked shipping from the UK to international is extremely expensive and it is unreasonable for me to ask you as customers to pay a flat shipping rate that is expensive just to receive a tracking number. 


Broken items- 

If an item arrives broken, please email me photos of the product as well as a description. Every item is quality inspected by myself before shipped, you will never be shipped a faulty item. If an item arrives damaged due to the postal people being careless with it, this is not my fault however i can offer a replacement of the item provided it gets sent back to me OR I can offer a discount code for any future orders. I am not responsible for postage fees if you choose to send the items back.  

Issues such as loose pins, sadly i have no control over, i secure all my pins in place but sometimes they are bound too fall out, i am happy to give a discount code for the inconvenience however, gluing them back in, or even putting them back in yourself should solve the problem :) 

Please note, i am not responsible if you break the item yourself by being careless . all my items are checked and sturdy before they leave. Polymer clay is a sturdy material and as long as you look after my art they will hold up.

Lost items in the post-

Please allow 30 days to go by if your order says it has been shipped if you are within the UK and 6 weeks for worldwide countries. if this time passes and there is still no order, please send me an email or a DM on instagram or twitter. I will help you file a legal claim with Royal Mail to get your money back as it is their fault as I have proof of postage for every single order that goes out.


I do not offer refunds as this is my sole income and lost items are not my responsibility. I get proof of postage for every single sent item so if this is something you require, please ask and you will receive a picture of the online drop and go receipt. I will not allow you to choose a different item from My store In this instance as I have a strict no cancellation policy, as this is my full time job.

This means that even the postal service i use ROYAL MAIL has another mess up where there services go on hold, i will simply hold your order for you with me until shipping can resume. You can email me for proof i still have your order- usually itll be made and boxes up ready to go out for you- and ill send you a picture of it in its pile for reassurance. But unfortunately, i will not be accepting refunds due to a shipping error that is out of my hands as your order will already be ready and waiting for you.a replacement as that is a clear indication that you received your items. I retain the right to refuse to resend items due to lost post if you are unnecessarily rude to me about this issue that is out of my control yet i have offered to do everything i can.

Wrong order- 

please email or dm me pictures as proof and i will arrange for the items to be sent back to me and get your correct order sent out to you. In this instance this is my fault i will send you the funds to send this back to me or i will simply allow you to keep the wrong items in exchange for me taking the extra time to create the right items for you

Unhappy with order:

As this is my fulltime job i do not offer refunds. I will happily remake and resend any items you are Unhappy with if i can agree that the product isnt up to my advertised standard. Please be respectful when requesting this as i do quality check each item before they get sent out and as i am human there is the possibility i may make a mistake from time to time. I will do everything i possibly can to resolve the issue kindly and i ask that you are also kind and understanding with me too. Any items that are not up to quality, need to be returned in order to receive a replacement so i can inspect them for myself to see the issue. I am not responsible for payment of returning the items. If this is not what you are comfortable with, i will offer an alternative which we can discuss at the time.